Question: I have an SP experience probably once every month or two. Most of the time, I won’t actually SEE anything threatening me, but I will know that I can’t move and will feel like I am in grave danger.
I remember telling myself “this is a dream, WAKE UP! MOVE!!!” I feel like if I could only MOVE! I will try SO HARD to make my arms move but they feel like they weigh 1000 pounds. Usually, I will wake up by slinging an arm forward or something. Anyway, My leprechaun story goes as follows. I am dreaming but then realize I am dreaming and believe that I am awake, but can’t move. Then, this little creature that I would call a leprechaun jumps on me. I can’t move. I keep thinking it is going to bite me and I feel like I am just barely keeping this thing from biting me. I am struggling and fighting to move so hard but it’s everything I can do to keep this little guy from biting me. (He’s probably only 2 and half or three feet tall).Anyway, I try to scream my wife’s name for help but nothing is happening. Anyway, I finally succeed in halfway screaming her name. So, you can imagine my wife’s surprise when, at 3 in morning, I yell at the top of my lungs, AAAAMAAAANDAAAAAAAAA!!!! (She told me the next morning that it sounded like I had a speech problem when I yelled it). We still laugh about that and I dread it ever happening again!