Question: My daughter has been a poor sleeper since she was born. As a baby, she would not sleep for longer than 20 minutes most days. She would wake every 2 hours all night for years. As a toddler she would wake 6-7 times per night from nightmares which progressed into night terrors. She has gradually grown out of them but now she can not fall asleep and stay asleep. On a bad night she doesn’t fall asleep until after midnight and then she wakes up several times afterwards and has trouble getting back to sleep. She ends up in tears many nights in frustration. I have tried all the sleep hygiene advice from her Dr. and nothing has worked. She has no medical problems and is healthy. We have tried giving her melatonin for the past few weeks but it hasn’t been reliably effective. The past few nights, it’s not working at all. I’m not sure if increasing the dosage is a good idea since the only research I can find is that long term use may cause depression and delayed puberty since it is a hormone. Please help!