Question: Well then here’s a good story. Literally had already 2 attacks tonight. the first one just sounded like someone broke into my house and was running down my stairs to come and get me… kinda freaked me out a little bit but with research and a little patience i gained enough courage to try and fall asleep again which was about 2 minutes ago but this time as i was trying to sleep i heard voices the first one was my mom calling my name i knew she was sleeping so i knew an attack was coming …. fuck me right… so i ignored it and tried to catch some sleep but then the second part of the attack hit me. i heard a lady ask me if i wanted a strawberry and i said no thank you im good. she really took that the wrong way she must’ve really really liked her strawberries because i woke up frozen paralysis kicked in and the damn strawberry lady dropped what was in her hands and ran at me like a fat kid on a smartie… these attacks are getting worse i virtually get no sleep anymore i have to work in 4 hours so im probobly gonna try and stay up cause i really dont feel like dealing with 3 attacks in one night. I found some tips to get rid of some chance of an attack, one was to sleep on your stomach (which failed) second was to stay calm and you will eventually wake up within 30 seconds (again failed just caused another attack one after the other) If anyone can help me with these stupid attacks let me know.
Thanks for reading. Time for another sleepless night.

Answer: Hey Matt, sounds like a grind man. Here’s a book that could help you out with your SP. It’s written by a guy who has had SP for nearly his entirely life, and now uses it as a gateway into lucid dreams. His name’s Ryan Hurd, and you can see his full website here at

Thanks for your question and good luck,