Question: Why is it that everything I think or dream of or envision me doing never comes true its the opposite of it like for example im 17 and a senior i was going to play football this year i went to the summer work outs and everything i made the team and during the summer i would always see myself playing real good in the games being a star and well basicly just playing in it but on the night of our first game which was the jamboree my coach came to me and told me i was inelligable because i missed too many days last year and they cut my credits short so i didnt pass 5 out of my 6 classes.
Another example is when for the first time i got a call back from a job i had applied to i went up there for an interview and after that they said they are going to give me a call back so i started dreaming and envisioning me working there and my friends seeing me and i had money but i never got a call back or nothing and i still jobless because every time i would apply for a job i would do the same thing invision myself working there and i would never get the job.And this didnt just start happening to me ever since i was little i would invision me doing things and when it actual comes down to it its something diffrent i never know why i googled it but i never got a answer just other peoples questions being answered.Heres another example: i was dating this
girl and i would dream about her being faithful and everthing because all my past relationships i got cheated on but come to find out she was cheating on me too im not that ugly looking or fat. so why does this happen was it because i drempt about her being faithful or was she bad from the start and i didnt just dream of her being faithful it was all my girl friends well most of them an they all turned out the same way by cheating or they would break up with me for no reason.and RIGHT NOW FOR SOME REASON I AM INVISIONING THIS GETTING READ BY SOME ONE AND ITS THE BIG TALK OR SOMETHING BUT I KNOW ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN NOW THAT I INVISIONED IT BECAUSE EVERYTHING I INVISION OR DREAM ABOUT NEVER COMES TRUE AND IM WRITING I CAPS SO THIS PART COULD BE SEEN WHICH ITS NOT SO IM BASICLY DOING IT FOR NO REASON.But back to my original question why do evertime i think of something or invision something good for me it never happens or turns out the wrong way!!?? answers please but doubt it..Kevin: Hi Drew, thanks for writing in. While some people do believe that dreams have the potential to be predictive in nature, these theories are for the most part speculative and not grounded in science. What you dream does not guarantee anything in your future will come to pass. Ultimately, if you want something to happen you have to make it happen man. Use your dreams as motivation, but do not rely on them as guarantees.Best wishes to you,Kevin