Question: Hi I have walked in my sleep since I was a kid. I got up once and went into hall closet where my mom had all her baskets of clean folded clothes & sat and peed on them.
Then one time my dad was sitting at the kitchen table doing his weekly bills and I got up off couch, walked by my dad, my sister’s cat was sitting in kitchen, I picked him up, opened the freezer and closed door, my dad looked over and freaked.Then I used to date a guy in the navy and my sister seen me while watching TV open the front door walk out and she thought I was going to my car, and she looked out the front window to see me standing in my pajamas putting the mailbox flag up and down like 30 times. She came out and walked me back into the house.Then I used to think I was waterskiing in my sleep. I’d have my arms extended & legs yelling Go, Go I am ready!!Then I hadn’t done it since my late 20’s and I am now 55, but back in 2005 we had a small enclosed bungalow style apartment (after hurricane Katrina in Mississippi) that we rented, cause there wasn’t much left there. But I was in a sexy see through nightie top, no panties and my husband woke up seen the door open and there I was standing at the apartment complex pool, that all apartments faced on 2 floors. He got so scared the next morning he went and bought 3 chain locks and slid lock & even started putting a chair under the door knob so he could hear me if I tried to get out again. Now the other night my husband said I was up at 3 am turning on dryer in our laundry area in kitchen (the enclosed wooden doors creak) and I turned it on and walked back to bed. I have also woke up with chocolate melted all over my face & shirt, I don’t remember going to cabinets at night or eating it. It’s scaring me that I am doing this again after so many years.