Question: I don’t know if I quite fit the criteria because I’ve only had 4 episodes in the last 2yrs and 8mo, 2 have happened abroad and 2 have happened since being home, 3 of which have been extremely violent and the last being rather mundane.
The first episode I had was when I was stationed in Iraq, I woke up with the knuckles split on my hand, the bed disheveled, and blood on the wall. I don’t remember the dream to the episode.The second one was in Africa in a hotel, the things I did mirrored what I was doing in my sleep and I did extensive damage to the hotel room, including indenting the headboard of my bed pretty deep into the drywall.The third one happened three months ago. I let the dog out of its kennel then proceeded to destroy my living room, once again mirroring the actions of my dream.The fourth just happened two nights ago, I just walked the distance of my house basically to let the dog out of its kennel.After reading the article, I really don’t think I fit the criteria of having REM disorder and honestly I’m afraid to have a woman in bed with me considering I have done considerable damage to myself and my environment so there have been no witnesses to any of this. I have been told I have peculiar sleeping habits, by previous girlfriends such as how quickly I fall asleep and how deeply I sleep. I’m hoping its another sleep disorder that isn’t the calling card for some neurological wasting disease or parkinsons, and just a bizarre sleep disorder.Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?