Question: An IHUM paper due the same day I have to lead section? I mean, talk about absurd. Let’s not forget IHUM is certainly not my only class and thus with multiple things going in in my life, not dissimilar from thousands of other stressed out, overwhelmingly busy, time management pros – otherwise known as Stanford students – I was feeling crazed. All of this resulted in, of course, about three nights of anxiety dreams.
One night I woke up from a short dream, but stressful nonetheless….All of us sitting in my IHUM section. Everybody is chatting away and I’m feeling really good. All seems quite well. I look to my right and my friend (who is not even in my IHUM section, not even in the class at all actually) is sitting next to me helping me lead the section. Suddenly, I realize… class hasn’t even started! I haven’t done the reading, I don’t have an outline, and I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m going to do. Panic. Has stricken. Uh oh.My mind must love me because suddenly I wake up. Ah, sweet relief. Well, of course, minus the fact that I still have to do the reading, write up an outline, prepare for discussion, and write an 1500-1800 word essay. Fun times.
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