Question: When I don’t get a good night sleep, I wake up with migraines and my heart racing. I found a natural way to resolve my issues. I received as a gift an Oasis Body Pillow. It comes with a heating and cooling unit. For me, sleeping with a constant cool pillow has made the difference.
This pillow is very versatile too! My husband also gets migraines (stress) and I lay the pillow horizontally so we both can share. When we are not sharing (my preference) I sleep with it vertically and place the pillow between my legs or I just throw a leg over it if I am on my stomach. Either way, I get really relaxed and sleep well. Have you ever heard of this product? How does body temperature affect my sleep?

Answer: Thanks for sharing this Annette, as well as your other submission about your vivid dreams.This is actually the second time I’ve had the Oasis Body Pillow mentioned to me in the last two days (The other time was in the comments section of this page about night waking with internal heat). I often get very hot at night myself to the point where I have difficulty sleeping, and having something cool near me helps a lot. This body pillow sounds like a great way to prevent the warmth from even starting in the first place. I wonder, is it a hassle at all to have plugged in or maintain?I’m thrilled you were able to find relief with this, and I hope others will be able to as well. If anyone else has used the Oasis Body Pillow, or are thinking about using it, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. You can share them using them by posting a comment on this page.For anyone else reading this who would like to learn more about the Oasis Body Pillow, you can visit their website at

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