Question: I had a dream the other night that i was in New York, looking for the building thats featured in ‘Friends’ (the apartment block they lived in) and my friend kept telling me it was the highest building in new york and that it was in front of us, she kept pointing to it but i was getting really angry with her because it wasnt it!! Then we were looking for the statue of liberty and when i spotted it the sky immediatly got dark and we were on the beach, next thing i was climbing up a fly over for traffic and it was very high and there was a big gap between one part and the next and i was hanging onto it for dear life and i could see all of newyork and i could see my friends at the bottom when i looked over the edge then i realised the flyover had turned into a waterslide, but i was to scared to go down it, then it just ended.
Thats not the first time i’ve had a dream about New York, another time i dreamt i was flying a plane into new york but i had no idea how to fly this plane so i just let go and it landed itself and i was walking around a big newyork super market looking for someone i knew but couldnt find anyone and everyone was really cruel and ignorant.
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