Question: I had an incident this year which I thought I’d share.
Early hours of the morning there was a loud banging on my door with a yell “POLICE OPEN UP” which woke me up from a deep sleep. I was feeling rather confused what was going on when they started asking who was here with me (I was alone). It turned out a neighbour had rang them as I was screaming so loudly and yelling things like I was being attacked by someone so they had thought I was.The whole incident is embarrassing, I was asleep and couldn’t remember a thing………(I do get nightmares thou and have had incidents of what would be called night terrors before including incubus and demon attacks.. I personally believe some of that stuff is real)……My daughter when young used to get night terrors when sleep walking or rather I should say while on the floor crouching and screaming and reacting to something in fear. Horrid, as one couldn’t wake her up. On one of those occasions she thought she had big ape things eating her alive. Ive never seen anyone in such intense fear. (I’ll post one of her incidences in the sleep walking section as she injured herself). I think there is a genetic predisposition to these things.