Question: As a mother sitting up watching my son constantly struggle with breathing as he sleeps, I am scared to death! I’m scared to go to sleep with him breathing (or not breathing) like this. He snores like a man, stops breathing 10 or more seconds, struggles to grasp his breath twice then finally catches his breath with a loud choking/snoring sound. This goes on repetitively all night.
This is so scary, I feel horrible that I’m useless, all I can do is monitor. We had an appointment for a sleep study, but while waiting for 2 months to pass till the study, the problem went away no snoring, breathing perfect etc.I thought maybe he beat it or grew out of it, I was able to sleep at night again until the last couple weeks I noticed it again but worse, so bad that if I go downstairs in middle of night if I don’t hear him snoring all the way downstairs, I run upstairs to make sure he’s ok & alive (we have big house thick tall walls & u can hear him…)It’s a Saturday morning, 5am I’ve been up since 12, dozed off woke back up at 1:30 & been up since worrying. I am so scared! Im mad that it’s the weekend so I can’t contact any doctors till Monday. What can I do until Monday & until our appointment? I really need some advise scared to death and sleepy, I don’t care about me not getting sleep and being fatigue all day, I just want my son to be able to breath at night. As a mother please help.