Question: Recently I’ve stumbled across lucid dreaming and as it seemed, I have done it in the past without any training at all.
There is this case where I dreamed that I’m sleeping in a park on a bench and I wake up. The interesting thing was that this was a dream within a dream, within another dream, within another where i wake up on the bench every time until I actually woke up in my bed not knowing what is happening. I believe alcohol was involved in this bizarre dream because I was dreaming that I’m drunk at that bench and I was still drunk when i wake up. It does not sound as much but it’s very unpleasant feeling. Just standing there at the end of the bed holding my head not knowing what just happened.So last 2 nights I’ve tried to dream lucidly. First night was a fail because I take sleeping pills, I have sleeping disorder of sort. But last night I successfully entered the dream world. I don’t know what is exact technique that I’m using. I believe it’s mix of WBTB, auto-suggestion and MILD techniques. I suggest myself to dream lucidly while going to sleep and to remember that i’m dreaming lucidly.What helps me a lot in getting a lot of dreams per night is that I have this habit when dream something colorful and i wake up because of it and I go to drink water or something in the kitchen. I had 4 or 5 dreams that night but as i’m just new at this I forget some of them, but I remembered to make reality check in one of them and this was when I was aware that I’m dreaming. Not sure why but my dreams are not so clear and I don’t remember so much details. But it’s amazing within first 48 hours to have a success.