Question: First i want to say sorry for my english. I am from the Netherlands. I am 27 years old and i have RBD for several years now. The most terrible things happen at night and the next day i don’t now anything about it. I get very aggressive at night and i always turn my aggression towards my wife. I call her names and i hit her with my fists in her face and all over her body. The worst that happened is that i raped my own wife and that i threatened to kill her if she would resist. My wife is petrified of me and so am i. Sometimes i am afraid to go to bed. My biggest wish is of course that i will not have this disorder. But another big wish is that i would have a child of my own but i am so afraid that i have chosen not to have a baby. I don`t think that my wife and i are gonna make it. Because life is so hard when you have to deal with this disorder.