Question: My four-year-old son started having sleep disturbances about 3 months ago. He woke up screaming saying bugs were all over the floor and on him biting him. He also said they were in my eye eating it. He was genuinely terrified, kicking them off of the bed and hitting them with his pillow. This carried on for 5 nights in a row. He was terrified to go to sleep and on the 6th day he started saying they were coming out of his nose and was attempting to grab at them.
He has continually talked about bugs in his room. Three nights ago he stood in the hallway of my house screaming for me. I got up and went to pick him up. He was shaking and terrified. He said there were bugs and crabs in my doorway and he could not cross. He continues to do this every night. I talked to his psychologist a he proposed the problem may stem from hypnopompic hallucinations. I feel so sorry for my little man! I can only comfort him in these times because I know of nothing else to do. EYSD says: Dear Dyess,We empathize so strongly with you and your son. I hope by posting your story you might be able to get in touch with other parents who have gone through the same thing. We sincerely wish the best for your family and hope your son will have restful nights once again soon.Warmly,JordanEYSD Editor