Question: I had this dream when I was a kid. The dream started with my whole family (excluding my dad) walking out of sears looking for our car. After probably a half hour of looking we saw It on the top of a parking garage and we dragged our cart full of stuff up the stairs. then as we were loading the stuff into the car we heard a roar kinda so we jumped in the car and just appeared on the road. Somehow I knew we were getting chased by a “monster” and tried to get home I don’t remember how but I got separated from my family and ended up in a different car driving. So I was still trying to get home and away from the monster but it was catching up to me so I pulled into another car garage and hid. I didnt see the monster but I saw it’s shadow and it was huge. Then all of a sudden it knocked down the wall and I forgot what happened next. But I remember running up to a some house that I supposedly lived at and went in. I said hello to see if anyone was home and then I woke up so I never knew if my family made it home alive.

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