Question: Ever since I was really young I’ve been sleep talking. My brother used to make fun of me cause I would have conversations with myself. There was the occasional night terror and sleep walking incidents but those eventually stopped and have come back.
I am now 19 years old in college and I still have this constant sleep talking problem. It would be bad if it was occasional. I usually give people a heads up before just to make them aware that I’m not crazy, I’m just asleep. My roommate is super cool about it, she generally will just sleep through it, which is great.However i think as I’m getting older my sleep talking seems to be getting worse. Recently I have been talking every night according to my friends and roommate, and it won’t be sounds, or one word, I’m having actual conversations that last minutes.Now my roommate is having trouble sleeping cause I’m talking so much and so loud. Sometimes I wake myself up with my sleep talking which is super strange. the most embarrassing thing about it is I have no control whatsoever about what I am saying and from what my roommate says sometimes it’s insulting.I’ve realized that I’m a college student and am open for tons of stress but this is insane and extremely embarrassing. One of my friends sleeping over my house said that one night I was talking in my sleep and my dogs downstairs made a noise so I got up and let them out and walked back upstairs and laid in bed. My friend couldn’t tell if I was sleeping but the next morning when I went to talk them out of their cages obviously they were already out and I had no idea.Not only is this embarrassing I haven’t slept walked since i was 13 and I was pretty sure that was because I had drank the night before.