Question: I and a few friends were responsible for closing down an abandoned house. We checked all the rooms for someone, I don’t know who. After we were done, we went out to the car. I sat in the car and began reading a paper I was editing for class. Neither of my friends were getting in the car. One claimed to have forgotten something in the house and the other said that they felt a presence near the car and refused to get in. Next thing I knew, I felt a rush of wind and two hands around my neck. The I felt myself grasping another’s neck. I looked down and saw my paper in the other person’s hands had switched consciousnesses – from the body I was in to the spirit – and had no problem with this situation. We then struggled – or rather, I struggled with myself – as I shifted between the body I started in and the attacking spirit. Finally, after a long struggle, I felt myself back in my original body and as I relaxed, I awoke.

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