Question: I have never been to a doctor or anything for sleep paralysis but I know that I have it because it has happened to me plenty of times. I usually have music or TV on because I have read that it helps you get out of this state if you may hear noise. It is an extremely frightening experience, especially when you have hallucinations with it. I just woke up from having one of these experiences and I hallucinated something completely in black, kinda like the grim reaper, and he had a silver mask on. It was pretty freaky and I couldn’t move.

Knowing what this is helps me get out of this state faster. Before I knew what was causing this paralyzed state I would be stuck in it for a longer time.When I experience this I can’t sleep for a long time because, of how scared I get and the scared rush that my body gets. I hate it. Sometimes I have to turn the light in my room on for me to be able to sleep comfortably.Read more stories about sleep paralysis