Question: My family and I were standing at the base of a large building facade. It was of mammoth proportions, cylindrical in shape and made of glass, with white pillars climbing up the sides. It was clear we were there as some sort of family activity, a fun outing with an atmosphere akin to an amusement park.
When we entered the building we were given full-body suits complete with glass head-bubble (in the style of the stereotypical 1950’s deep sea scuba diving suit). After a brief “suction/cleansing” process, we entered the main atrium of the building. I remember a distinct sense of awe and excitement – the interior was filled entirely with water, moving in a circular current in which other “customers” swam. The motion was nothing like human swimming, or typical floating in water. It was as if everyone moved and swum like fish, completely submerged with arms mostly at their sides, feet together and heads forward. People waved to their friends and loved ones from across the vat of water, occasionally laughing or talking, even performing tricks (flips and the like) to amuse themselves.I touched off the ground with my feet, rose into the water and began swimming around, far from the surface, gaining speed, and thinking something along the lines of “Wheee!” I saw people who felt like my friends (I don’t recognize them from waking life) and smiled at them, rising higher in the water and watching the other swimming people.From my high vantage point I suddenly noticed a thick, oil-like black liquid seeping from what seemed like an industrial generator-type area at the bottom of the vat. No one else seemed to notice. Intrigued but not afraid, I leisurely dove down to the bottom of the vat and swum around the area, trying to figure out what was going on and if something was wrong. The liquid did not seem to be mixing into the water surrounding it, but I figured I should tell some sort of authority about the issue.I had just gotten the attention of my parents for them to come to the “infected” area when I remember waking up. I guess we’ll never know what it was!
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