Question: My dream started with me going to school. I remember being freaked out because it was a new school year with new teachers. I had trouble fitting everything in my locker and kids made fun of me. The entire day went terrible, and then for some reason I died.
The next thing I remember was, I was in my grandparents backyard with some people who prepared me to go to heaven. Then I had to lay down for five seconds before I could enter.When I first went into heaven I was excited. But as I walked around I realized this couldn’t be right. It was not a good place and not what I thought heaven should be like.I didn’t believe I was dead. I went back into the world of the living to prove I wasn’t dead. I went back to school, but when I tried to talk to people they acted like I was a ghost and ran away. They couldn’t see or hear me, but they could feel me. This made was scary because I realized I really was dead. For some reason I wanted to find my dog. I tried to talk to people but they ran away. Then my daughter came up, which is weird because I don’t have any kids, and brought me my dog. She said, I know that’s you mom and I still love you.I remember going back to heaven and riding sleds and shopping. But I was still confused because I thought heaven would be different.
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