Question: I had a dream that a girl on my team was driving around a golf cart on the University of Hawaii campus during the summer. I was headed to my best friend’s graduation party so I hopped in and asked for a ride there.
When she dropped me off I walked into a very modern decorated room, with trippy music and dim lights. Talking was very minimal and quiet and people were busy sitting around a couch watching a light show on the wall. My friend who’s party it was, wasn’t having a good time at all so we decided to go to the bathroom where we could talk about it and I could see what was wrong.We went in the room and a bunch of our friends were there sitting in the bathtub and we started to ask my friend why she was upset. It turns out she was mad because my sister, the guy she likes, and another one of our friends was at the party. then i woke up.
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