Question: First, I was out camping with some friends in a clearing close to a few buildings, so I guess it wasn’t really camping but we had all the gear and a little campfire going. Then I see some movement next to us, on slightly higher ground behind some bushes. At first I thought it was a deer playing with one of those plastic garbage cans, but when I looked again it was a mountain lion, and it was about 20 feet away from our group. I told everyone to stand up and walk slowly away. It watched us, but didn’t give chase.
We made it into this old-fashioned town, and I saw two guys, not of our group, start walking in the direction we had come from. I followed them. I noticed a track on the ground by which these two very spiky, sharp discs traveled vertically, and they were headed straight towards the boys! I called out to them and they jumped aside. By now we were in the wilderness again, and I saw the figure of the mountain lion approaching from behind them. I pointed, and as they turned, it stopped. I told them to back away, but as they did, the mountain lion magically reproduced, and a large, baby, purple mountain lion appeared next to its shimmering mother, and ran to attack us. I knew we had lost, closed my eyes, and gave up.When I opened my eyes again, I was at a horse ranch. I realized that I had been on the phone with my boyfriend the whole time, and that the call clock was still going. Then I remembered that he was the one who was creating these monsters, and that this was like a virtual reality world. I had been talking to him about the monsters as they appeared before, and now, as I put the phone to my ear, a dragon appeared around a corner. I described it to him in a panicked voice, it’s long neck and sharp scales. It looked more like a vicious, toothy snake than a dragon, but a very VERY large snake with four short legs. I turned around and ran. I made it to the pasture with my horse in it, and she came over to me. I turned around, to see the dragon walking calmly and ferociously closer. Just as it came within a foot of my face, I closed my eyes and imagined it disappearing. I heard a crack, opened my eyes, and saw a bunch of water droplets fall to the ground. No dragon in sight. Relieved, I put the phone to my ear again, and my boyfriend told me I had done well.Then I woke up.
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