Question: My name is Kayla. I’ve had sleep paralysis episodes since I was 15 or 16 years old. At first, the episodes were incredibly scary. I would dream that a black figured man was going to hurt me, or somebody with a gun was trying to break in through the window above me. I even had a hallucination once that a demon was pulling me down my bed and licking my neck.
After a lot of research, I found out I could use my sleep paralysis to put myself into an out of body experience. And for a while, sleep paralysis was, for a while, an exciting experience.One day, it started out the same as usual. I had a hallucination of my grandfather’s voice and, knowing it was a sign of sleep paralysis, I began the vibrations and focused on my third eye. However this time, my face and limbs started going numb. Panicking, I tried to wake myself up, feeling that something was going wrong. Instead, I couldn’t wake up. I found myself in a state where no matter how many times I tried to wake myself up, I was never actually awake. I tried all the tactics with no results. I was stuck in sleep paralysis for over an hour and a half. The entire time, I was hallucinating, some of them terrifying, others downright normal. Eventually, my phone went off underneath me and that was enough for me to focus on and wake myself up. I had no idea that sleep paralysis could last that long, and while the experience was terrifying, I also enjoyed the mental challenge.