Question: I’m not sure if what I have experienced is sleep paralysis. It happens quite rarely and I can vividly remember every occurrence.
The first time it happened I was around 15 years old. Sometimes they are more intense than others. Some last longer than others. I call them my “episodes”.Last night at the age of 39, had one again. In the midst of a rather vivid dream. I felt the spikes of energy start to pop off in my head, then they start to move through my body. Then the energy starts to build throughout my entire being until I’m vibrating and buzzing like sparks are about to start shooting out of me.At this point I start to feel myself lifting off the bed. Then slowly the energy starts expend and feel myself lowering back to the bed.In the past, I’ve always tried to rationalize that it was just my nerves making me feel like I was becoming weightless. However, it was quite cold last night and I was under a heavy blanket, and as I felt my body lifting off the bed, I also felt the blanket forcing to keep me down!This is extra disturbing. I just want to know what’s wrong with me. Anyone else have this happen?