Question: This is very creepy and scary and thank God I did not leave the house! I went to bed at 11pm to be at work at 9am and apparently woke up still sleeping, showered, got dressed, blow dried my hair and was about to leave for work when I woke up at the door and ran to the clock and saw 2am!
I wondered how did I shower and get dressed and get ready for work? When did I do all this and why am I on my way to work two hours after I went to sleep!? Who showers in their sleep!?When I was a kid my dad told me I used to also get out of my bed and go into my parents’ room and stare at him for a few seconds then go back to bed. This is very strange and has happened every so often.I also start arguments with my fiancé which makes no sense while I’m asleep and they are usually angry! I don’t like this because I’m a very kind down to earth person! Why in my sleep? I do have a stressful job with preschool kids….so yes there is stress.