Question: Last night I dreamt that I was eight years old, and I was exploring this giant mansion. A beautiful blonde model was touring me around the mansion (it was her house), but when she went upstairs, I lost her.
I was really disoriented in this giant house, when suddenly I realized that I had to go pee really badly. Somehow, I knew where the bathroom door was, but when I tried to open it, the door wouldn’t open. Concerned and anxious, I turned around to see a real-life “Ken” doll, and as I asked him why the door wouldn’t open, he smiled evilly at me.A wave of panic flew over me as I realized that I was trapped inside Barbie’s plastic house– from my childhood. I ran to another room, and in this room was a pile of miscellaneous toys, but for some reason I knew that the rule was I could not touch them. Still desperate for the bathroom, but unable to find a place to go, I woke up in anxiety.
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