Question: It started 2 years ago … Hi, I’m a 64 year retired postal worker. Two years ago I started having vivid dreams of animals or people attacking me in which I’d kick and flail to defend myself.
Been a retired Mail Carrier who had encounters with dogs and disgruntle customers through my career, I thought that this may have something to do with it.On several occasions, my wife has taken the brunt of my defensive flailing and on one occasion she woke me by yelling, as I had my hands on her throat. In the past 2 years I’ve flung myself out of bed 4 times landing on my back and hitting my head twice on the bedside table trying to escape my attackers.Last night I actually banged my head hard enough I laid on the floor for several minutes afterward. I’m getting worried that this behavior is escalating and becoming more violent. I’m seriously thinking of seeing my Dr.