Question: I had a dream that I was fishing with my father for alligator gar. First off, I do not like to go fishing at all and I’ve never heard or even seen my father go fishing before. In the dream, my father, grandfather and I were in a little john boat on a dirty river filled with alligator gar. About midway through the dream, I flipped the boat and threw my father and grandfather out, but we ended up turning it back over and they got back in the boat without being harmed.
Then, later on, just before i woke, I drempt that I moved towards the front of the boat, where my dad was sitting, and we ended up taking on water so he fell out of the boat once again. He was able to stand up in the dirty river because the water was only waist high. After that I woke and don’t know how the dream was sapposed to end.
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