Question: The first time I sleepwalked was when I was like ten years old I remembered my mom telling me and my two Sister’s time for bed cause we had school the next day so I remember going to bed and dreaming that my older sister was playing in the backyard with my younger sister and I can remember my older sister calling me to the backyard to find her. What I didnt remember was me getting up opening the room door and the front door to get out of the house.
But as I was going to the backyard I can hear my mother calling me like her voice sounded really far away and when I heard her calling me I noticed that I was outside going to the backyard and telling my mom I have to find my sister she’s in the back and my mom was like no she’s asleep in her room and I was like freaking out a little bit and thought something was wrong with me.So the next day after school I went to my aunts house and my mother explained what had happened to me cause since she was a nurse she thought maybe she knew something like how or why this happened to me or if it was going to happened again so she made me some socks with bells on them so that in case I sleepwalked again they would hear me so that I wouldn’t go outside again and for nothing bad to happened to me or to anyone I was just scared after that and until this day before I go to sleep I pray that I don’t ever sleepwalk again cause that freaks me out and I’m 21 now and have not sleepwalked ever since that one time I’m still a little worried that maybe it might happen again but I have faith I wont.