Question: In this dream, me and my friend Jack were scientists, despite were only 14. The head scientist had invented a time machine, which could go anywhere, anytime. He asked me and Jack to go back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, to collect a type of rock. The rock wasn’t available in modern day times, as it had been destroyed in the meteor crash. It was incredibly valuable. So, me and Jack went back in time, and we arrived in a small, hotel-room style hut. It was completely modern and high class, with a big double bed and a TV, with wardrobes and cupboards everywhere. There was a window on the wall, which me and Jack went over to and looked at the wonders outside. Trees and flowers of every colour, lakes and rivers, and dinosaurs roaming the grassy fields. It was marvelous, and me and Jack immediately set out to find the rock. We found it soon enough, and took it back to the hut.
We decided to stay there a while, to take in the beauty of the place. I rumaged through the cupboards and drawers, and found nothing but clothes, when I heard a big bang, a deafening crack, that made the hut shake. I ran over to the window and stood by Jack, to see the sky had turned blood-red with orange streaks. Another bang, and the meteor plummeted towards Earth. We didn’t have enough time to set up the time machine and travel back, we didn’t even bother. Jack fell back on the bed, and said to me “Well, I hope you enjoyed life as much as I did”. He smiled as he looked up at the bare ceiling. Another crack, louder than the other two, and a type of giant heat wave. It passed over the scenery, burning everything to a crisp as it did, and it was coming to the hut, fast. I lay down beside Jack and gripped his hand. I didn’t say anything to him, I just sighed, and stared at the ceiling with him. This was one of those dreams, where you wake up with the same feeling you would expect to have in the dream. I woke scared, not the kind of scared you would have from a nightmare, more like a feeling of being helpless, knowing there was no way to escape death.
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