Question: It was at the end of practice and I was looking forward to seeing my good friend/”boy of interest” Jeff and a bunch of my other friends from back home who were town visiting me. However, they were only here for the night. We decided bowling was a good option and that I would just meet up with them after my practice ended at 5:30. Since it was near the end of practice, I was extremely excited and anxious to see all my friends and finally hang out with them again (although I was more excited to see Jeff, shh). As 5:30 rolled around I figured it was time to start putting up equipment, however my teammates are all prepping for our big conditioning day that we do after every Thursday practice. Realizing this, I was freaking out that Jeff and my other friends wouldn’t know that I was going to be late considering the fact that I couldn’t tell any of them because I wasn’t allowed to have my cell phone on me at practice. As we did our conditioning, I was freaking out about how long it was going to take and how quickly I could shower and get ready. Then, all of a sudden I was looking for Jeff and all my group of friends in the middle of a mall/bowling alley, walking back and forth from one end of the mall to the other end that flowed into a bowling alley. The entire time I was frantically on my phone trying to get ahold of one of them. By the time I decided to just sit and wait at the bowling alley I finally g0t ahold of Jeff and I asked him where he was. Unfortunately, he told me he had left because it was really late his time and he just had to be home. It was then that I remembered the time zone difference (3 hours), which explained the reason that I was not able to see him on time.

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