Question: We are desperate for any answers of why our child will fight sleep for hours at bedtime and then very, VERY rarely sleeps through the night.
This has been an ongoing issue since she was about 6 months old! Yes, we have been dealing with this issue for a long while. We have spoke to our pediatrician on several occasions and she says the same thing each time, “It’s just a phase and some children don’t sleep as much.” We are not going to hear that excuse anymore.We are told to keep a routine and have tried. Our daughter will fight literally for 2-4 hours. She may fall asleep around 11:30-1am! And then still does not sleep through the night. She will wake several times and cry and whine as if she has no clue how to sleep.This is extremely hard considering we have 2 other children, one 8 yrs and one 5 mos. and they sleep well. Please if anyone knows what steps to take to help our daughter sleep well, we would greatly appreciate it!