Question: In order to get a broad range of the spectrum at least one crazy mystic theory should be included.
Physical existence is only one aspect of the greater spectrum of existence, dreams and the various dream states represent a window into the other aspects of existence. As humans we are connected to all the aspects simultaneously but there is the issue of where our attention lies. So basically every human has these different lives going on on these different planes of existence; at least one of them is on this dream realm plane of existence, so basically when you sleep you are giving consciousness over to another aspect of the self. So when that other aspect sleeps then we physically ‘wake up.’It’s a massive time sharing scheme, so that is why when people are sleepy they can have ‘micro dreams’ going immediately into the dream state from a mostly awake period. This is the other, or higher self demanding its period (your other self might have a job over there, who knows?) All understandable? Crazy enough?
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