Question: One night I was sleeping in at a relatives house. Since there wasn’t an extra bed, I slept in the living room beside the kitchen and the balcony. In other words, it was very open space. I don’t know if its because I was sleeping somewhere I wasn’t used to, or just because I was feeling a little bit cold, but that night I experienced something that I’ve never experienced before.
Before I begin describing how it felt, I can say that it would have been much different had I known about this before hand. Somewhere in the middle of the night between my sleep, something caused me to wake up. But the problem was that I couldn’t open my eyes. I can tell you that I was fully conscious and was not dreaming. I tried to open my eyes, and I put a lot of force to it but again they wouldn’t open, as if something was forcefully keeping them shut. I recall at a point even seeing a yellow like ring in each eye, which now I can say was probably cause by the pressure I put on them. Even worse, I tried to talk but nothing would come out of my mouth. I wanted to scream, but again, nothing. I couldn’t even breathe. I was able to move, but by the time I was free of this ‘force,’ I remember to have let out a small scream. I was shaking and was sweating. What just happened to me?I experienced this once more later on that week. I’m still not sure what exactly caused it to happen. I could tell you however, that I don’t remember doing anything differently that week to what I do usually. Our body works in very mysterious way, but it is certainly very intriguing.

Answer: Thanks for writing in Ron. Sleep paralysis can be a terrifying thing, and it happens to so many people quite often. In regards to what it is caused by, you can read about why sleep paralysis happens here.

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