Question: I was going to some kind of bar or hangout type of place with someone from work, and we were hanging out then we found out that it was some sort of place that people take cars that they stole for everyone to harvest everything in the cars. when we realized what it was we tried to leave and a black guy was trying to break in to the trunk of my car. I tried to tell him that this car isn’t stolen (My exact words were this car aint hot, i dont talk like that in real life) he told me to get the fuck outta here and i ran. And when i was running i was saying to myself man, Ima bitch. So i grew some nuts and went looking for him so i ended up in some kind of apartment complex and i came up to some asian girl, which i felt like she something to do with it for some reason, So i Cocked my arm back as far as i could and punched her square in the mouth and the back of her head hit the wall and i threw her off of the second floor by throwing her underneath the railing. then i continued my quest for that black guy trying to get in my trunk. wound up at that bar place again and went into a room and i saw a bunch of black guys strapped to chairs with other guys using skill saws cutting right down the middle of the top of their heads.

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