Question: Hello!
Last night, I was talking in my sleep an incredible amount. I was aware of it, to a degree, but my boyfriend informed me more this morning. I was saying over and over again “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me, get off of me.” And while I was saying this I remember “dreaming” (I think I was dreaming) about somebody touching my arm and kinda scratching my leg and pushing on my body.My boyfriend who was in bed next to me tried as much as possible not to accidentally touch me or anything but I continued talking in my sleep. I feel I was aware for some of the things I was saying because I really did feel like somebody was touching me.I’ve tried to search the web for anything related to this and the closest thing I’ve come across would be sleep paralysis. I don’t think it’s sleep paralysis though, because I was tossing and turning while talking. Any insight would be nice! Thanks.–Rachael