Question: Last night, I dreamt that tornadoes were destroying the world as we know it. But somehow, I, along with my family, managed to escape to this place with a lot of pyramids (think ancient Egypt). For some odd reason, pyramids are virtually impervious to tornadoes. So a tornado passed by and destroyed the world. All our food. Everything was gone. We came out looking rough with dust all over us.
Now enter the recurring dream part of it:It turned into a survival of the fittest. Somehow my mom turned evil.But there was a four-wheeler that me and my dad used to escape. We went through a jungle and arrived at a house. We wanted to scavenge it for food, but it was booby-trapped. Already having this dream before, I knew how to solve it. The thought popped into my mind (due to my sleep and dreams presentation), oh hey, this is a lucid dream. I said it in the voice of a very intellectual person, complete with my index finger pointing towards the sky. We outsmarted the clever puzzles in the house that were trying to kill us. I found a pig/warthog and wanted to take it on the four-wheeler with me (I remembered this warthog from a previous dream). The two men chasing us found us. As they arrived, my dad and I hid in the bushes. He popped out and beat-up one guy, while I ran to the four-wheeler. My dad took the gun to the other guy’s head and used him as a hostage until we both got on the four-wheeler. We took off, and I was really sad because I had to leave the pig. They continued chasing us through the jungle, until we got to this really important guy’s house. They stopped chasing us and decided to put us in that guys hands while they watched. We had to do what was like a maze of tasks, that was designed to kill and test our skill. Somehow we made it through and away from all the bad guys.Then, the story switched to my mother. I wasn’t even in it. I was just an observer, with very strong feelings against it. I have this huge crush on this guy from my hometown. My mom, for some reason, had to marry him. But she was marrying him so he could be mine later in time. But I was still so annoyed that she had to marry him, and I was super petrified that she would tell him that I liked him (I know, the worst of my problems). On their wedding night, they had to share a tent together, and that annoyed me so much, even if they were sleeping in separate sleeping bags. Then, I woke up.
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