Question: In a fairly short dream, I was at an old-fashioned train station and I at first was unsure why I was there. Then I realized that I was a crocodile (I had been watching YouTube videos of animals eating each other that day, and several were crocodile related, which, I assume, is why I was a crocodile).
After watching people get on and off trains, which were actually just trolley cars, like in San Francisco, I realized that I was there for a religious reason. I was waiting for the Virgin Mary to visit me, but I don’t know why. This might seem blasphemous or offensive, but the Virgin Mary appeared from the sky (rather than on a train) and she/it was just a worm, exactly like this one that I took the liberty of drawing and uploading to google images ( ). It flew around in circles above my head–quite anticlimactically–for a short period of time before I walked out of the train station, and I don’t recall anything after that.
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