Question: Last night i dreamt that my bike got stolen at stanford. I started out the night in one spot, my dorm, but then went to visit a friend across campus. I then went through this large building, which looked like the library, but was actually a new dining hall. I needed to get money out to buy food at this dining hall, so i went to a computer cluster. The computer worked as an ATM. I then went down 14 flights of spiral stairs. There i found all of my friends, but they all had bikes, and mine was in front of a frat house across campus. I didn’t remember that I had left it there, so thought it was stolen. I ran with all the bikers across, campus, but didn’t know where they were going. The whole time i thought my bike was stolen. Finally the bikers stopped, and i realized they were at the frat house, and my bike was there.

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