Question: It was just a ordinary night, I was happy and relaxed, I went to bed at 11pm and fall asleep shortly after. One of my friends was at my apartment and he was awake, and around 1am he heard shattered glass from my room and he heard me say “No, No, No”
He knocked on my door who was locked, I was not opening, so he run and get the keys, and lock my door up, he saw me running back and forth, and he saw that my foots was bleeding, he tried to take contact with me – no responds, he thought that I slept at the moment even If I was running around, and He perceived it as if I was scared and upset over something.He lead me to my bed a couple of minutes later and I yelled and soon after fall “asleep”… when I woke up the next morning I notice that it hurts from my foots and that my room was messy, I walked to the kitchen and my friend was there, and he asked me if I “remember something” I just: “What do you mean” and then he said what happened that night. I was in shock and still can’t think about something else.He also told me later that he measured my heart rate to around 70-75 beats per minutes, and it was measured after the most critical part and I was laying in bed, it’s almost impossible, I measured my heart rate yesterday and it was between 83-100 beats per minutes.The days after this attack, I have moments when it’s hard to breathe, and I feel worried over something I can’t pinpoint at. My question is:1* Can it be Night Terror?2* Is it possible to have night terror with a heart rate around the normal levels when the situation is calmer?3* people around me had their own theories around the “attack” some of them think it was a ordinary “Sleepwalking”, is it possible? 4* When I have moments when it’s hard to breathe, can it be because I am worried over “something” who I can’t pinpoint at?