Question: Ever since the new teen sensation Justin Bieber came to be, I obtained almost an obsession with him. Not a little girl obsession where I’d do anything to marry him, but an obsession with his music, personality, and what he’s done to help others, ect.
At least every other night I have very very vivid dreams about Justin Bieber. These dreams range from my mom bring him to my workplace to surprise me, being on a date with him, and simply just hanging out like best friends.The feelings that I encounter during these dreams are tremendous. They overrule all emotions I’ve ever felt before, I wake up in a daze hoping it was all real. I know I’m a lucid dreamer because of previous dreams, but for some reason, whenever Justin Bieber is in my dreams, the dreams seem so unbelievably real that I do not recognize I am actually dreaming (even though when I wake up I realize how unrealistic my dreams are).Even though being able to control your dreams is a power most wish to have, I am kind of ecstatic that these dreams aren’t controlled.
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