Question: My 9 year old daughter had a dream that her Dad made her touch him “down there”. Of course in my line of work I know I needed to rule out if it could have possibly happened. She reassured me on all levels that it was just a dream. She said that she just can’t get it out of her head and its affecting their relationship. It’s been over a week now and she’s freaked out about it. Her Dad even talked with her and told her that he would never hurt her in any way! It’s creeping him out too and he said she needs to see a Doctor asap that this is too weird. It’s making him so upset that she would even have that thought.
I asked her where she would even have had a thought like that. I asked her if she saw a website she wasn’t supposed to or anything. She said that it’s like when you hear about a teacher touching kids. We have watched the news recently and a couple times it had teachers and students on there so maybe that’s it? SO now she is not allowed to watch the news till shes older. She said “I know it’s a dream but I cant get it out of my head, and it’s still freaking me out.” She already has issues and she has slept in our room on her own daybed for years because she gets bad dreams of ghosts and stuff. I’m just ready to start crying the stress in the house has been crazy. She can’t sleep at her friends house or even have her friends over night because she wants to be in our room. HELP!