Question: My son just turned 12 years old. Approximately 3 months ago he started having terrible episodes at night after having already been asleep for a little while (between 40 minutes-1 1/2 hours).
He wakes up in complete fear with his heartbeat racing, sweating, crying, walking aimlessly around the room (almost trying to flee) and looking at me saying things like, “Oh God Mommy it won’t stop” or “I can’t make it stop, I want to be a little baby”, etc.Eventually after like 5-10 minutes of trying to softly talk to him to reassure him that he’s okay and getting him to try and listen to my deep breathing he seems to calm down a little. He will lay back in bed but wants me to either rub his tummy (he sometimes gets an upset tummy during it) or he wants me to hold him tight.This is the most upsetting thing that I have ever seen and it breaks my heart to see him go through this. He has had 6 episodes so far. One even being on a 5 hour long red eye flight that we took to the East coast from CA. It was HORRIBLE to watch this happen on the plane while I tried to calm him. He wanted to leave his seat but of course we couldn’t.Can you please let me know if this sounds like Sleep Terrors or Anxiety Attacks? Just a side note, I recently won full custody of my son through an ugly court battle so that caused a lot of stress on both of us as his father caused a lot of uproar and was even diagnosed with Boarderline Personality Disorder during the process. My son also has had stress of entering middle school this year and some kids picking on him.PLEASE HELP!