Question: I have a son who is now 15 months old and he has had night terrors since he was around 6 months old.
They were on rare occasions but have progressively been getting worse. For the last 3 or so months he has been having multiple night terrors every night…He has always been a very stuffy child and has been on 3 different types of anitihistonimes but none of them got ride of the snottiness so we took him off all of those.We had a sleep study performed a week ago and we are waiting on the results. I think although he may not have severe apnea I think the chronic snot along with 2+ tonsils and mid to large adnoids are causing the ngiht terrors. Any thoughts???If it were not apnea related how would they treat a 15 month old child with this many Night Terrors all night.. We all need sleep!!!! we are going crazy….and causing problems with my work performance and we can’t afford for me to lose my job..Thanks,Andrea