Question: Almost every night I talk in my sleep. About half of the time I am yelling at someone, even profanities and curse words a lot of the time. I have woken myself up and remembered doing it on several occurrences. Sometimes if my boyfriend says “what?” I wake up. Almost every night I have dreams and mostly I remember them.
I have been like this for many years. I am a 27 year old woman. There are many times (mostly when I was younger) that I have had the same dream over and over again. Sometimes they are a little scary but not a nightmare.I also have been told that I have sleep walked as a child. I remember the one time my mom said I went to go outside and check the mail during the winter. lol. I find that if I eat right before bed that it almost always makes me talk or yell in my sleep. I don’t feel that it’s hurting me or my sleep.I am not on any medications. The past few years i have been getting social anxiety worse than I ever had. Other than that I am normal. Haha.Sometimes I can fall asleep after waking up and within 10 minutes I have another dream and talk some more. I think that I mostly talk after I have been sleeping for a few hours. A lot of times its just before I wake up for the day that I really remember doing it.I have read a bunch of websites and they say that people can’t be waken or consoled but I wake myself up mid-word sometimes. I don’t thrash or kick or move. It’s purely verbal. I would love to be recorded and watch myself. It’s probably humorous. I want someone to try to talk to me and see if I could carry on a conversation but I think that they might wake me up trying.