Question: I’m a 45 year old female and even as a child I would wake up at night and see things that couldn’t have possibly been in my room or couldn’t have possibly have been happening.
I wake up and see various things: spiders coming down a web from the ceiling fan, decorations on my wall turning into other objects, a childhood doll appearing in the middle of a decorative wreath, stepping stones leading from my bed to my closet (even though there would be no possible way to see my closet from my bedunless I sat up.When this happened it was probably about the 6th night in a row that I had seen something, when I sat up in bed I told my husband that he was trying to drive me crazy, because I was sure he had placed the stepping stones there, someone standing on my husband’s side of the bed with a gun pointing at him.And the weirdest one was I sat up in bed and looked out my closet window, and house was sinking, by the time I got to the living room it had almost completely sank.I used to jerk when I would see things, and don’t remember screaming, but my family said I had screamed during the night. It’s slacked off a lot in the last few years, the last time it happened was about four months ago. I had left the computer chair in the hallway across from my bedroom door. I woke up and there was a bomb sitting in it. Sort of freaky when it happens. Most of the times what I see is related to something happening in my life at the time, but sometimes it’s not. Thanks,Rosie