Question: I have not been officially diagnosed with RBD. However, I have been extremely tired recently. Even after sleeping 12 hours per night, I still feel that I need a nap. I can fall asleep almost anywhere in just a couple of minutes any time of day. After doing research on RBD, I am convinced it is why I never feel at all rested. I have scheduled a sleep study and am interested to see the findings.
There are many things leading me to think I might have RBD. My husband tells me that I violently kick my legs at night, but I never would have known had he not told me. It makes me wonder how many of these episodes I have had that I have never been aware of.A few years ago, I was dreaming I was leaving a grocery store and I spotted a man with a gun near the entrance of the store. He started to follow me. In my dream, I turned around to punch him. In my bed, I flipped from my back to my stomach and punched the headboard. Of course, this woke me up. The next day at work, I had a surgeon look at my hand, which was badly bruised (I worked at a surgery center). He recommended having an x-ray. Although nothing was broken, it was very painful and I was baffled by the whole incident. I am hoping I can find out why this is happening to me.