Question: One night, as I was sleeping, my sister comes into my room asking if she could sleep with me because she had a nightmare. I had agreed, but this all is appearing as if it were a dream to me. That was all I remember of the situation.
Then, I woke up a couple hours later (according to my sister) and I hit her because I was confused and rather scared. I had only thought what happened was just a dream and it scared me that she was actually in my bed, considering I only thought it was a dream. When she woke up, because I had hit her, I ask why she was in my bed, and she told me again that it was because she has a nightmare. I was still confused but i didn’t question it anymore. Later that day, she was telling the story to our mother but with more detail. She had said we were having a conversation, none of which I remember.I tend to have things on my one side of the bed, usually books and paper. She said that I told her, after she asked me if she could sleep with me, that she should probably move my stuff. Then, she had asked me for a pillow, and I gave her one of the pillows I was using, which is still very weird because I don’t remember any of this.