Question: Ever since I was a little kid, I would wake up in the night unable to move or speak… I would try & scream, twitch my way out of it.. If I twitched hard enough, pushed myself to the limit then maybe I could break free.. I woke up one night to see a youngish girl with a terrifying pale face screaming right into my face I could feel her cold breath on my nose!
But as I grew older I started reading about it, I still to this day I find it a very interesting experience… sleep paralysis should not be dreaded. You know that moment when you wake up & you cannot move, you hear loud noises & feel as if an evil presence is accompanying, touching you.. Relax. Do not try & break free, you will just panic yourself.. Lie back & let your body drift, as if you’re letting it suck you in, deeper into the experience. The first time I tried this, it worked. And does every time. Now & again I do still panic & try my hardest to wake up.. You just have to remember you’re not in danger.I sat up on my bed, stood up & looked back onto my bed.. I was still lying there, asleep! I was fully aware of the situation as I’d gotten used to it since I was a kid. I was having an out of body experience. And when you reach that point, you can do whatever the hell you like. You can induce a lucid dream.. This can also be quite terrifying so you have to keep thinking positive thoughts.. Do not imagine bad things or you are guaranteed to see them. All I’m saying is.. Give it a chance. Don’t fight back for once.. Let it pull you in. I look forward to SP now, I see it as a gift, a positive experience rather than a negative one.