Question: Ok so my name is Krista and here’s my story….the night before last night I slept in my room and had my iPod playing low on the speakers like always. Well in my “dream” a song called “Sleep” by My Chemical Romance came on but it was way too loud like as if I was partying.
So I thought I was awake but when I tried to sit up to lower the volume I COULD NOT MOVE at all. I thought someone was holding me down and I tried to talk but it was like all I could do was open my mouth.I kept telling myself to wake up and get up but I couldn’t move 🙁 then I tried really hard to scream WAKE UP!!!! and I tried to move my arms but I felt so weak and tired and helpless. It was horrible.Then when I finally did wake up for real I was shaking so much and my middle finger on my right hand was twitching nonstop. After a few minutes I turned my iPod off and laid back down. Then the light on my iPod came back on which is weird because I had turned it off. I was thinking “O heck no what’s going on” then I looked up at my iPod and it shut off and I was able to go back to sleep.Find more information on sleep paralysis